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Welcome to People For Equal ParentingWelcome to People For Equal ParentingWelcome to People For Equal ParentingWelcome to People For Equal Parenting

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Texas' Oldest Shared Parenting organization

People for Equal Parenting got its start long before the awareness that has reached fevered pitch now. With close to two decades of work towards ridding Texas of one of the most vile and sinister forms of abuse ever heaped upon mankind.... the family court system, whose sole purpose of which is to tear at the very fabric of what made this country, this society different from any other.

By reducing on parent to a visitor to their own children while collecting federal funds from Title IV-D. This system is on its face a violation of the United States constitution as well as thwarts civil liberties, due process, trial by jury of your peers, and the rule of law. This system is protected by your legislators and it is the intent of People for Equal Parenting to expose those who would seek to protect and benefit from the anguish of our children. This is a time for change. Email chairman @pepintexas.org, if you are interested in seeing change and seeking the true best interest of our children.

People For Equal Parenting

People For Equal Parenting


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